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Typically, our roof replacement process is completed in just one day. We efficiently assess the size of the roof and bring in the appropriate workforce to ensure a swift and high-quality project completion.

The decking is the thin board of wood that makes up the bottom of the roof. Some roofers overlook the decking, adding new shingles on top of it without considering if it has been damaged or how long it will last. Others will look at the decking but may end up needing to add replacement costs to their quote. It’s important for you to know that the decking will be checked, and what it could cost if it needs to be replaced. Otherwise you may be surprised by a larger bill than you anticipated.

In Texas, you can file a claim if something like a storm or downed tree damages your roof. Insurance companies won’t replace a roof that’s damaged due to normal wear and tear. It’s important to understand your insurance policy to be aware of what you’re expected to pay for roof damages. Because of the severe storms in Texas, many insurance companies have switched to offering Actual Cash Value (ACV), rather than Replacement Cost Value (RCV) in their policies. (You can learn more about the difference here.) If your policy offers ACV, your insurance company will only pay for what your roof is worth at the time you filed your claim.
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